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I will not be changing the cyan-grey backround. I 100% guarantee it. It will either be unchanged as it is now, or it will be reverted to the V5 MIDI Editor. My part in that discussion is over, though please feel free to have it elsewhere without me.

I do not have the luxury of pretending that there aren't serious problems with the way Reaper draws all-dark themes. I've made several of them. I'm either going to make a mixed-tone ME work, or its going to be light becaue of a V5 revert. If anyone thinks I haven't thought it through, or that the ability to notice 'things that look the same look more nice' makes you an expert on design, please take this as my unchanging answer : pffft. And that's me being polite.

If you want to now move the diuscssion on to 'actually, the way Reaper draws all-dark themes is OK, better than this' or to start making Feature Requests for Reaper about it, let me stop you there. Do not. Just no. I will start, regrettably, deleting posts. Which would be a real shame.

If you think everything about the current V6 ME is perfect except the cyan-grey backgrounds, excellent. We are done. If not, I invite and welcome your input on other matters, there is very important work to be done here.
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