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Originally Posted by EvilDragon View Post
The solution is to accept that and darken the background color for everything, then, and tweak other colors to fit that. It will make things look a lot more consistent and, well, usable. And you won't go dizzy after trying to squint to see things because something is grating on your eyes so much.
Yes I does require a little tweaking, but themes and windows can work using darker or mid-toned backgrounds. Some general objects needs adjustment or corrected implementation in regard to transparency and appearance. Here some examples:

For production I/we use our own theme here, it’s mostly built on Rado as well. I've made three different intensities of it, equally tempered in daylight as well as in night time.

Hey, I just got an idea for the dev team, how about a ‘dynamic’ theme asset that follows time of day?!
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