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Originally Posted by White Tie View Post
I think you're talking about something different? But if you mean the cyan-grey surround, that's not going to change.

Do you mean the active note indicator? Because I think that's nuts as well, but a very accomplished user made a very compelling case for it, I would love to hear counter argument.
I don't mind the note indicator so much. There's really only one set of information there so it's pretty clear to me. More the cyan-grey. Having a distinct color for that as opposed to something like just grey or more neutral is going to always clash with the velocity color map and make it hard to distinguish and visually distract (e.g. a red note with a cyan highlight).

That's the kind of thing that is hard to deal with when you are in the midi editor constantly. The eyes basically just lose it after a while (again because the information is so dense and there is so much to pick out). Anyway, just feedback from someone stuck in the music editor all day.
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