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Originally Posted by Janne83 View Post
The only thing i find a bit distracting is the violet color of cc automation in this latest. previous green (like the piano roll chosen note) or second red colors were better.
Yes, good call.

Originally Posted by EvilDragon View Post
I would also suggest to change the background color of the left-side piano keyboard and right-side track list area (the greenish hue) because it is clashing way too much with the rest of piano roll. Ideally it should have the same color (or close to) as the MIDI editor ruler.
I disagree.

Originally Posted by EvilDragon View Post
Compare this:
I've removed the embedding on your screenshots, because it was encouraging people to comment on screenshots rather than direct experience, which isn't, we have learned, very helpful unless all their projects look like that screenshot What's needed is for people to actually load the theme and use it.

Originally Posted by PhelixK View Post
Only thing I would swap or re-arrange, is the first red (CC 1) that I believe should be a green-like V6 ‘identity-color’ –
Yes, very nice. I'll try that right away, thanks!

EDIT : tried it, its great

Originally Posted by ivansc View Post
I would like to know if you plan on leaving a light background MIDI editor as an option for those of us who struggle to see these dark themes.
No, unless I revert the V5 ME, in which case yes. Either way, you'll still have the V5 theme, yeah?

Originally Posted by krahosk View Post
The problem with darker look is persistence of vision due to the greater contrast with other elements.
Read a text on a web page that has white text against a pure black background. Then, look around. The image is burnt on your retina longer.
Don't worry, I won't be doing white on black. This is mid-tone colours (depending on custom colour selection) on mid-dark grey.

Originally Posted by Vagalume View Post
I love the piano roll.
my eyes are getting old, make clear the selected note plz, both in the piano roll and the ME, as easy to identify as possible.
This is indeed the trade off. The ladder goes:

1) dark enough to show differentiation of base colour
2) light enough to show selected state
3) not so bright that you can't differentiate the base colour amongst selected notes.

How are you getting on with the selected note/key when you use the theme as it is?
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