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Originally Posted by karbomusic View Post
Just a quick clarification that this isn't quite accurate; it is the same OS under the covers. Reaper won't run on it because it's headless and ARM but otherwise, it's the guts of the same OS and will run universal apps, aka you can write an app and it will deploy to Windows 10, Window Iot, Windows Phone (when there was one) and so on in C# (.net core) or C++.

Still has services and registry and all that. I only know because I have a handful of them running and one is my main alarm control panel and have written apps for them off and on since it came out.
So what commercial applications could one expect to be able to run on a Raspberry Pi using Windows IOT? I mean, what is the practical application that fits IOT? I can run REAPER along with most Linux apps on Raspbian with or without the xfce desktop that I prefer.

I have another SDHC setup with LibreELEC that boots straight up into Kodi where I can then access libraries of recorded television (from a MythTV server with an 8 HDHomerun Ethernet tuner farm), pictures, video, music on my local network. Very handy on the second monitor, and it uses CEC over HDMI so the remote from the TV monitor it's plugged into, runs Kodi's interface.

So what do I get if I setup Windows IOT on yet another SDHC card?
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