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Originally Posted by maa
Yep thats the way to go....

500 Dollar mains cable is next on the list!!

Chip - in order to process in M/S you nned three channels of output or at leas stereo sides and a mono center - right ?

Doing that in a single plugin would mean using some native FX or sidechaing.....


MS is only two channels, itīs only when you convert it from MS to normal stereo, that you need an extra channel, and not when using a plugin to do it.
When itīs converted to MS, you can treat the mid and the side differently.
Itīs quite usefull, if you need a wider stereo, instead of just turning up the sides, you can Eq, some part of it, and then remove the same parts from the mid. Losts of fun can be done this way. Although a well mixed tune, normaly donīt need these treatments. Also try to compress the sides a little more than the center, quite interesting.
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