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Originally Posted by JamesPeters View Post
His comparisons in the Youtube videos A/Bing with/without an effect can be poor since he doesn't set up a loop in advance (it seems he's only figured this out recently lol), he takes too long to switch back and forth for A/B, he sometimes talks over it, and sometimes (like with that "aaaaaaaaa!!!!" singing multitrack) the sound changes too much from the start of the file to the end so switching a plugin on/off in the middle doesn't really help hear what the plugin is doing.
I agree with all of this - he is his own worst salesman. Unhelpful examples, rambling 20 min. videos, inscrutable jargon, bizarre musical choices...I think if he took more time planning instead of just winging it with the same two or three songs over and over, he could attract a lot more users.
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