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Originally Posted by dub tree View Post
I'd be interested to know if this happens when using actual real-world signals, and not just when testing with pure sine waves. I think a lot of the responses of his plugins are quite program-dependent, and your analysis might be skewed because of the nature of the method used.
My method is common for testing this sort of thing. A sine sweep with normal settings of the plugin is a reasonable way to know if this can affect the audio you pass through it, at least in some ways. Keep in mind this is a sine sweep, going across the frequency range. I'm not slamming it with a square wave at 30Hz for instance. If you still see that information in the 10Hz range when the sweep has passed 300Hz (for instance), you might want to take notice.

It doesn't mean you will have a problem with these plugins. It means you may have a problem with these plugins depending on how you use them. I avoid plugins that do this because I've had problems in the past due to this sort of thing. Instead of trying to remember "do I need to use a DC filter" I'd rather just not have the plugin in my list. There's always another plugin which can do a similar job if not identical. That's how I roll. I'm not recommending you do the same thing, but just a bit of a warning.

PS. I just tested Hard Vacuum with a full mix. With Drive, Warmth and Aura controls all centered, the 10Hz information appeared and it was about -20dB below the largest peak. This happens with "normal audio" as suspected.
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