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Originally Posted by musicbynumbers View Post
Sorry guys, I meant to say "atmos" decoding rather than Ambiesonics. Got Ambisonics stuff sorted (thanks to this thread!) but the dolby atmos stuff is a pain for sure.

Will probably leave atmos decoding till a company needs it and then I'll buy the proper decoder (sigh, hate giving money to dolby!)

ReaDave.. Will let you know how the mic goes.
Thanks regarding the mic.

Regarding Atmos, the Blue Ripple Decoder suite contains a decoder for creating Atmos beds from third order Ambisonics but I don't know of any decoders for full Atmos aside from what Dolby themselves offer.

Edit - the Blue Ripple Upmixer suite also contains Atmos bed upmixers to insert Atmos beds into Ambisonic mixes. I have both of these suite and, while not cheap, they are by far the best Ambisonic tools I have.

More details here....

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