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Originally Posted by jm duchenne View Post
Considering the microphones, you could take a look at the Zylia :

I have one, together with an Ambeo and a Brahma (I had a Tetramic too but it was too noisy), and the 3rd order decoding makes a real improvement, even if the mic quality itself is behind the Ambeo (but the price too !).

Being able to do the recording with a lightweight tablet is also a nice alternative to an expensive recorder...
I've been keeping up with the progress of this since their early crowd funding days. I've been in touch with their team too.
The thing holding me back is the necessity of a computer of some sort for recording. A fair part of my Ambi recording is location work and I'm after something that will work with my 744T recorder.

Your experience with the noise of the Tetramic is one of the things that held me back from purchasing one.
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