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Originally Posted by musicbynumbers View Post
Just to say. I've got a guy in the UK who is making his first 2nd order mic (but he makes other custom mics for sale too so he knows his stuff!)

He should be done with calibration and decoding software etc on it in the next few weeks.

I'll let you guys know how it went (when I have it in my hands) and if he's up for making more then I'll pass on his details I can't say price yet as this was a bit cheaper than he might sell them for normally but will say that the zoom f8 and the mic was definitely worth getting over say the sennheiser mic!

Got a zoom f8 to go with it as the sound devices only had 4 ins and the zoom can Gang all 8 ins. It's also as quiet as the sound devices we have so win win!

Will do a review once I have it.

Side note.. Any advice on on decoding ambisonics without buying the official dolby decoder. Looking for a digital solution to go with my speakers.

The height speakers will also be nice for ambisonics too!
I'm definitely interested in keeping up with the progress of this mic.

Regarding Ambi decoding, along with the ATK decoders, there's also the free ones in the Blue Ripple Core suite (although they are horizontal only and don't decode height).
Google the Bruce Wiggins decoders too. He has a variety of different decoders for free which are quite good.
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