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Default Ambisonic Camera Movement advice

Hey all,

l wonder if there's any ambisonic heads who could lend some advice to a n00b.

I've begun work on my first ambisonics project which takes place mostly in just one room where there is a person in the middle and, unusually, the camera moves around her. I hope the attachment makes clear what I mean:
In black, you see our star. In blue there are various sound emitters. In red, the path the camera travels. The camera arcs around the star, always pointed at her.

We don't have that much time so I thought I'd try to automate the camera movement etc on the master bus, rather than each sound emitter. I'm using Facebook 360 and ATK bits. Oh and it's a VR project so the camera will turn with the viewers' head too.

Anyone got any general advice on this?

Or if you want a more specific question: how to I automate position where the focal point is not the camera?

Hope this makes sense?
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