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Default Works including Windows 7

Originally Posted by White Tie View Post
No, I'm afraid this experiment is taking place on Windows only, and only 8.1 or later.
Just tested the HiDPI theme with Reaper 5.33pre7, and it works and looks quite good. Thanks.

Update: Looks like there still are some buggy GUI elements at 200% ó e.g. in MIDI editor, top toolbar is clipped by default (though fortunately can be revealed entirely by dragging its bottom edge down), and the plus/minus icons to the right of the controller dropdown at the bottom left are apparently unscaled at all. The HiDPI-related progress is impressive anyway though.

Given that itís possible to run HiDPI-compatible and HiDPI-incompatible plugins side by side in the same Reaper by running HiDPI-compatible plugins like Spire (that supports scaling up to 200%) in the so called Native mode (so that plugin inherits DPI mode of Reaper itself) while running HiDPI-incompatible plugins like Battery (that still doesnít support scaling) in a separate process (so that Windows automatically applies DPI scaling to those), Reaper is now a really good candidate to switch from hopeless Cubase.

Fwiw, as I said, HiDPI support is actually available in Reaper under Windows 7 either (not just 8.1+), just in a less convenient way: by editing the embedded manifest with a tool like Resource Hacker (separate-file extra manifest is unfortunately ignored by Windows).

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