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Thanks Klinke.

Will check it out, though I never experienced this problem here so far.

Btw., didn't get around to report it yet, but recently I came across something with your extension regarding touch automation, It seems that the behaviour (for non-touch sensitive devices like my BCR2000) has changed due to some changes in Reaper's automation.

In short, when I use touch automation in recent Reaper versions with your plugin, it doesn't hold the current value anymore (like it used to in 4.78) but always jumps back to default value (enabling fake fader touch doesn't help).

I used v0.8.3 in that screencapture (will test with v0.8.3.3 also).

This might be changes in Reaper relevant for this:

v5.0 - August 12 2015
+ Automation: increased automation recording speed by 3x
+ Automation: internal changes and performance improvements to FX parameter automation
No showstopper for me, as I use 'latch' mode mostly instead of touch and there it works fine, just wanted to report anyway.
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