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Hey - I am getting a longer look at this...
You have done some incredible work here!
There are complex controls.
The markers and region stuff looks very nice.
I have not fully tested them, yet.

Feature requests -
- metronome toggle and
- metronome volume
- Solo mode
- solo in place with volume?

----- Not intended to derail thread - crazy suggestion ----

Have you considered using mcu protocol for the mixer faders/pans and selects for a midi/osc hybrid... I am not suggesting just do another mcu

There are a few reasons I suggest it.
1. You have 8 track per bank. mcu uses that too and banks are unlimited. (I don't actually know that for sure.)
2. This could reduce the number of fader objects to only 8 tracks + 1 master, thus reducing file size.
3. Use Klinke's csurf plugin lists many of the cool things it can do.
4. My favorite by far from Klinke's csurf plugin is flexibility of folder tracks.
Here is my simplified example.

Drums - 1 parent folder track called drums, with child tracks of kick, snare, hihat, overheadFront, overheadBack (modified recorderman), Room stereo and FX.
So Drums is the parent (I can set klinke's csurf to only show parent track faders on ipad mixer) and with this setting only this drums track is shown on mixer. Now if I touch and hold select for 1sec on that track, the lcd and the faders dive into the folder. Now the child tracks are shown on the faders and the lcd ready to be adjusted. Now lets extend, the child track for FX may have several child tracks as well. Select and hold 1sec and the mixer again dives down. This is really powerful.

As I really think about this - pans would have to be mcu or they would not work proper during the folder diving. That goes with solos/mutes as well... hmmm... perhaps this is too far?
The other downfall is it would make setup for user more intense.
- downloading the plugin, installing it, setting up midi as well as osc.

However - in your goal to be able to use it without looking at screen, it might be right on. MCU also has a jog/scrub wheel which could come in handy. Don't know where that would fit on your screen.
Several parts of MCU mixer with the variety of osc and action triggers.

----- end of crazy suggestion ------ I'll crawl back in my hole.
KeyMce/GenMce - pc keyboard/midi to Mackie control emulation (built with ahk). Also - an ahk script to build your own midi programs.
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