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It doesn't seem like you're interested in it, but I'll just toss in my recommendation for Addictive Drums. I'm a fairly experienced drummer and diy recording guy. AD sounds superb and integrates very well with my e-drums, including the hihat control. (Though for tracking I often use the module sounds for absolute minimum latency and record the MIDI into Reaper, then use AD from there.)

I understand completely if you've got your heart set on a particular software, but I think they're all pretty capable at this point and if there's still room for you to consider another option, the $99 deal on the Addictive Drums 2 bundle that's running at Guitar Center and Sweetwater and whatnot is an absolutely screaming bargain. I'd toss my two cents in as a user who prefers it regardless, but at that price it's really just nuts.
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