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I suggest that this thread always be at the top of the forum and be highlighted in some way, so people will usually find it where they come here. If possible. And rewrite those posts up there. You can do better with the BBCode commands.

For example.

Also, here's a suggestion which might help, especially for the Issue Tracker:

  • Give your Request a meaningful title and summary
    Use a few descriptive words for a thread title and add a "1-line" summary of the request.
  • Request
    Describe the new feature that you are requesting. (No novels please ).
  • Benefit
    Explain why and how this new feature will benefit users; not examples of use but what we will get out of it. The bigger the benefit, the more the developers will consider the requet, I hope.
  • Reason
    Explain any problems / issues currently encountered without this feature.
  • Implementation Suggestion
    Describe any implementation ideas that you have. Includes screenshots, mock-ups or videos if they help. The management reserve the right to ignore this section completely.

Here is an example:
Dialogue/FX Editor & Re-Recording Mixer
(Video)Using Latch Preview - Faderport16 CSI
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