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Default dumb questions from someone who'd like to buy EZD...

Just trying to get my head round EZD and work out whether it's worth buying, or if I should go straight for Superior Drummer.

~Reading the manual, can I authorise this on a non internet-connected computer? Just copy the numbers across to an internet laptop and then the response back again?

~How many drums is EZD limited to? Can I put a six piece kit in? Is it possible with add-ons, or as it comes?

~how can the drums be mapped to the outputs? The manual says eight stereo outs, but I would want most drums to be mono -can I output to sixteen mono outs or any combinations? I'd like to mix in REAPER, and possibly even print the outputs to TCP, but eight ouputs isn't enough for a six-piece kit plus overhead(s) and room mic(s).

~Does EZD's "humanise" function work on grids I've written, or just the supplied "groove" tracks? I'd like to use it for tracks from scratch and also some replacement jobs. The manual is a little vague on details.

Is there any comparison table about to compare EZD, Superior and any other program like these? If EZD/Superior actually do what I think they're claiming to do, this will make big parts of my job very much easier.

Grateful thanks in advance to anyone who can help me here

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