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Originally Posted by tack View Post
Yeah, unfortunately that may be necessary. If you add a ReaControlMIDI instance before Reaticulate and enable logging, do you see the note before the PC?

With those events having the same time code, I don't think we have a guaranteed expectation of ordering. Ensuring the PC has a time code just slightly before the notes is necessary right now.

I have a couple ideas to fix this. I'll play around this weekend and see if there's something I can do. The more complex idea requires use of Plugin Delay Compensation to give Reaticulate the opportunity to look ahead in the MIDI event stream but this is a pretty disruptive code change and will probably have unintended side effects. Hopefully the simpler idea pans out.
Yes, looks like the output of Rearticulate outputs event after note, even when event is prior in midi item event list

4: 90 50 60 [Note On] chan 1 note 80 vel 96
5: 90 21 7F [Note On] chan 1 note 33 vel 127
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