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Originally Posted by G-Sun View Post
I have an issue with articulation-changes on note-start is not working. I need to put it before.
Is it the order of midi-events that does this,
and could the program-changes be set before note-on?
Hm, I'm not sure I follow.

Program Changes are sent (either by the Reaticulate UI piece or recorded into a MIDI item and sent during playback) to the Reaticulate JSFX on each track. The JSFX then takes that Program Change and converts it to the MIDI events that are defined in your output event list. The Program Change is not passed through to the VSTi (unless of course you have a program change message included in your output event list).

The output events are emitted in the order listed.

Can you elaborate on what your articulation config looks like currently, and what events you want Reaticulate to send to the VSTi when the articulation is activated?
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