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Originally Posted by Klangfarben View Post
I'm probably missing something because, well, I'm stupid. But in the including actions, is there an action to select a specific articulation slot 1-16 for groups 1-4? I see an action for next and previous articulation but not for a specific slot.
So the first misconception is that there are articulation slots 1-16. Reaticulate works differently than something like BRSO Articulate in that it isn't channel-based, but rather program number based. This means that you could define a bank that had up to 128 different articulations. For your custom banks the choice of program number is up to you, but the factory banks follow (to the extent possible) the numbering defined in Spitfire's UACC standard. Arbitrary, but it was at least something to base some consistency on.

Within a bank, program numbers must be distinct. This means you can't use program 42 (or whatever) in group 1 and reuse it again in group 2. Consequently it doesn't matter what group program 42 is in. If you want to activate that articulation, you use an action to do it (via one of the activate articulations by CC actions) and it'll activate it regardless of which group it's in.

Actions to activate articulations are done by CC right now. Because there's no good alternative -- as I explain above in post 285, I would need a massive number of actions to cover all the program numbers and source channels and it makes it impractical.

Hope that makes sense!
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