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Wow thanks for the reply!!!

I finally got it to work in some way. For some reason, channel 1 remains open for all the busses.

I redid all of my templates in VEPro to 15 articulations instead of 16 per channel with more busses. I skip channel 1 on all instances and it works. I insert the bus translator for cc feedback's between reaticulate and VEPro VST3 plugin and link it's destination bus to midi cc 20 and value 8 brings it to bus 2, value 16 to bus 3 and so on. That way I can have many times, 15 articulations on the same track. It should be 16 but for some reason, ch1 is stuck.

Here's are my codes (in the making):


//! g="EWQL" n="Trumpets" (#FF0000)
Bank 06 6 EWQL - Trumpets

//! c=#FF0000 i=legato o=cc:20,1/@2
01 Leg Slur
"Bank/Program Select"

//! c=#FF0000 i=legato o=cc:20,1/@3
02 Leg Slur Accent
"Bank/Program Select"

//! c=#FF0000 i=legato o=cc:20,1/@4
03 Leg Slur Runs
"Bank/Program Select"

//! c=#FF0000 i=staccatissimo o=cc:20,1/@5
04 Staccatissimo
"Bank/Program Select"



//! g="EWQL" n="Trumpets FX"
Bank 106 106 EWQL - Trumpets FX

//! c=#FF0000 i=fx o=cc:20,8/@2
17 3TP Clusters
"Bank/Program Select"

//! c=#FF0000 i=crescendo o=cc:20,8/@3
18 3TP Crescendo Fast
"Bank/Program Select"

//! c=#FF0000 i=fx o=cc:20,8/@4
19 3TP Crescendo Medium
"Bank/Program Select"

//! c=#FF0000 i=fx o=cc:20,8/@5
20 3TP Crescendo Slow
"Bank/Program Select"


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