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Originally Posted by Arthur McArthur View Post
One thing I noticed is that if I have more than one track selected and I change articulations, that articulation gets pushed to all tracks that are record armed. Is that expected? Would it be possible for the articulation to only be passed to the selected track(s)?
That's the expected behavior, yeah. When you click on an articulation, it emits the MIDI program change event, and Reaper will route that message to all record-armed tracks.

I feel like this actually makes more sense than just targeting selected tracks, because the articulation change is an element of a MIDI performance. So if I change an articulation and then play a note, I would expect those two things to go to the same tracks.

In any case that behaviour isn't configurable. Although it technically could target only selected tracks (not easily though), I feel like that's even more confusing than sending to all record-armed tracks -- if anything, shouldn't it only target the last touched track that the Reaticulate GUI is showing current banks for?

Does anyone else find the current behavior counter-intuitive? If so, how would you expect it to work?

Thanks for the feedback, Arthur.
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