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Originally Posted by mschnell View Post
Right now, the list is just a reference for your information. So you might check if the software needs to rake care of some differences vs the MCP. E.g,
- Fader and rotary moves are 7 bit CCs
- fader touches are CCs (supposedly val 0/127)
- pushes are note-on, releases are note-off (I can look up the velocity sent if you want me to)
- Foot switch is CC (supposedly val 0/127)
- layers are different CC# and note #
- layers are different Midi channels only in my setup (the factory default is channel 1 for all controls)

The definitions are as they are done and and displayed by the Editor software. I am aware that the CSI files need hex notation, but as the configuration described is my personal setting (even though it's rather close to the factory default, I supposedly only modified the Midi Channel), I did not bother to translate to hex, as it's not sure anybody will use it.

My guess is It should be the factory/default settings, or there should be a discription of exactly what has been changed.
The Hex code is used through Geoff's program in all the .rst files.
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