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Just wanted to throw an idea out there as far as the meter bridge goes. I've been looking into a MIDIbox solution for a while now and always came across the trouble of implementing a meter bridge easily. I know, MIDIbox and easily don't really belong in the same sentence but I was working with WALTER last night and modified my current theme to only display 8 tracks at a particular resolution(1366x768). Say you have a 15"-19" monitor(depending on the span of your faders/channel strips) that displays 8 tracks at a time mirroring the physical faders we have available to us. Not only do you have the meter, you have the ability to modify the channel strip the way you want to see it. This is def the reaper way. Let's get to the bad part, the issues...

Known Issues:
1. Sizing is relegated to a specific resolution(I've just recently dove into WALTER and haven't come across a way to span the width. See #2)
2. When implementing more than 8 faders you require a secondary monitor. The issue is that you can't have two separate mixer windows. My solution was to span the mixer window across both monitors. I did run into a few sizing issues but in the end I got it worked out with the RTconfig file.
3. When we switch banks, how does the mixer window respond? Through my quick searches I have found that this can achieved with the sws extension and snapshots. We can setup snapshots to emulate track selection within a Mackie HUI device. This can then be applied to an action in Reaper and tied to the bank left and right buttons. I am just now getting into testing of this. If I am wrong PLEASE let me know, it will save me a considerable amount of time.

This is all VERY preliminary but I felt like maybe this would be a better option for people in the long run. You have to look at the flexibility of the large LCD as compared to the physical pots and scribble strip a channel strip would need. This eliminates many wiring and labor hassles we would run into if we were to implement this on our own. Let's be honest, jumping into a project of this magnitude will create not only headaches of our own, but headaches of others we will all try to troubleshoot. I would LOVE to hear feedback on this idea and also get this thread revived!
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