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Originally Posted by Toft View Post
localh0st: I liked the drums, but I didn't understand why you hit the phase button for the kick - was there a problem there? I also didn't quite understand the first ReaComp settings on vocals - it looked like a brickwall limiter, but I wasn't sure why you put it first? The overall mix I liked except you left all the instrumental 'issues' of timing and pitch unfixed.
I aligned the snare and kick signals to improve punch on the drums, but the kick drum was shifted and inverted compared to the overhead signal. So I inverted the track's phase.
If you look at that "brickwall" limiter, check out the rms, attack and release durations. It's primarily there to level out large scale differences (which could have been done with fader riding, but I thought it try it in a different way. just experimenting)

I left the timing and pitch issues unfixed because... well, there were just too many, and I didn't want to invest that much time.
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