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Originally Posted by technogremlin View Post
I don't get this. When I set up a track to hold midi then it IS a midi-track. Same with audio, it becomes an audio track. Yes, when you have midi on a track then it would be nice to have some native midi-tools active on that track. For example I should be able to switch the channels fader to midi-volume control. However, this is the 'old' way of doing it; as soon as I pick up my m-audio fasttrack ultra R8 I'll be patching my hardware into dedicated inputs and I'll be mixing my outboard synths ITB as audio. Those things change. My Atari with Cubase can still do things that any current DAW including today's incarnation of Cubase can not do... but in many cases that is because we now have better ways to do it. Especially with all the digital audio routing we can get our hands on for cheap.

Note: YES, something like a fasttrack ultra IS cheap... if you know how much Cubase for Atari bundled with a Midex for SMPTE-sync would have cost you back in the days.
It could really just be a different presentation of the same track type, and perhaps you could toggle it back and forth if you switch from hardware to vsti.

Even with a vsti one might want the volume and pan be sent as midi, and not affecting the output of the vsti.

So certainly toggling track types would be useful, and clean up the presentation.

Traditionally, it's been easier to transpose midi versus audio data. Certainly, midi can be transposed with far fewer audible artificats than audio.

Transpose is something that most people would want to see on a midi track, less so for audio tracks especially audio tracks that are polyphonic.

Eg, midi users would want to see transpose on the TCP, and audio people might not want the clutter. There are many areas like this that are the EXACT reason that there are different track types in most DAWs.

But I guess I could live with a transpose button that would affect either audio or midi based on the track type toggle.

But certainly patch name is just not useful for a pure audio track; therefore what's displayed on the TCP should be different for midi and audio, and perhaps that could be a toggle and one could change the track "type" (mostly presentation) at will to change the presentation and behavior of the controls.

I think toggling track type will clean up the presentation without ruining the feature set.


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