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Originally Posted by matey View Post
just play a real drum, or play a vsti drum in real time (opposite to the make&loop it' way) and wisely quantize it;
Oh, I definitely intend to do that. In fact I always do, I never loop or copy/paste drum parts. I also just bought myself a Nanopad so I'm going to try and play the drums live as much as I can.

Originally Posted by matey View Post
overcoming the "looped" character of modern tunes.
I think going "vintage" isn't just a matter of timbre ....
I dont think there's any immediate risk of my songs sounding "modern" really, I've never been into the formulaic music of recent decades nor will I ever be. It's easy to forget that the people who read my posts don't know me and my background, but let me just say that I'm huge fan of progressive rock and metal and it's the style of music I've been playing the most during my 22 years as a musician. So don't get me wrong, I'm not coming from some completely different style and trying to "fake" a prog track or something. That would just be silly.

But anyway, I've decided to use the Open Source Drum Kit, though with the snare that gavriloP linked to. As mentioned I'll be using NuBiLe and SpinnerLE for organs. I'll use MinomogueVA for synth leads and Tapeotronic for some Mellontron parts. Ferox has come up several times and I intend to use that one when it's time for mixing. Now as for other effects, what about reverbs? I have Poor Plate and PSP Springverb on my list, any other possible candidates? As for delays, I'm thinking either Classic Delay or E-Phonic Tape Delay. Compressors... I have no idea. Some of the Antress compressors perhaps?
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