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Interesting. Like I stated, its very easy to get "deaf" when you sit and listen to something for a long while. Therefore I really dont focus that much on my subjective experience of "maybe hearing a difference in timing" while playing the drums and click at the same time.

However, this doesnt explain why the midi appears to come out ahead. If there was a midi latency problem, it would probably fall somewhat behind instead. It doesnt explain why my timing get much better when recording in standalone Reason either.

Darn, I just cant get my grips on this. I feel my timing is pretty good, and it sucks to lose the first tone everytime I try to record something in midi. I'll have to dig deeper and see if there is something I've missed.

Edit: Having read jbone1313's thread more thoroughly, I find it strange that so "many" experience the exact same problem. The main problem when recording midi is that it just doesnt sound like when I recorded it. From my monitors I hear perfect sync when recording, but when playing back everything just sounds somewhat off. Would it be possible to get more of a "what you hear" approach when using midi? Maybe its supposed to be this way right now, but it sure doesnt feel like it.

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