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It doesn't matter how many channels your track has, if your plugin can only manipulate 2 channels at once then 2 is the number you are stuck with. Take your routing file above as a good example, alter track 2's send from 5/6 to 5, and track 3's send from 7/8 to 8. Mute track 1 and add an fx plugin (eg. delay) to track 7. Sounds lovely. Now unmute track 1. Oh dear!
The sort of plugin you need to achieve your goal will read 8ins 8outs when added to track 4. I thought I'd found the answer when a JS plugin reported exactly that. No, sadly it only processed 2 channels, the others were ignored.
If you do find a multi-in multi-out equaliser (or any effect, and preferably free) please tell me.
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