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Originally Posted by Reflected View Post
yeah I know..
I just thought that this could make big improvement and shouldn't be that hard to do for justin and schwa. They are so good at what they do, but for so many years already and the GUI is still not attractive enough.

I'm sorry justin and schwa, never meant to hurt you...just hard to wait :/

edit: btw I'm using 43" monitor @ 4k. and can't changed the fonts of the fx browser and the media browser from reaper itself, this is really hard for my eyes. (Even tho i actually prefer an option to show small images for plugins instead of looking for names, 1 iconic image explain and reminds what this plugin can do for you in much better way)

[AS AN OPTION] I would be really happpy to see a native visual plugin list so it will be easy to save a snapshot of a plugin in to the list and easy to manage and use.
This is nice.
Something like this will truly be a life saver in Reaper. Along with a much more attractive UI.
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