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Originally Posted by Geoff Waddington View Post
The title says "How to revamp the ancient music notation and music theory system which is flawed?"

Who ever said it is one system ?

This is where, in my opinion, the argument doesn't stand.

There is one overall system in the sense that :

- all of them are based on The Church's base-8 counting scheme for pitches. Show me any currently used system which uses base-12 (not counting standard chromatic scale which is not used for scales etc)

- almost all of them use letter names A,B,C,...

- all of them use nearly identical chord-naming constructions, only differing in symbol choice like triangle or "M", or sharp/flat convention, yet still otherwise using similar placeholder spots for chord alterations or mode indications

underneath this huge "The Church" umbrella system, there are specialized/niche subsystems, as mentioned:

- Nashville which uses numbers 1..8 instead of A..G and different symbols for major vs minor vs 7th ("-", ">")

- Solfege which uses "The Church's" archaic ancient abbreviations for note names (Do, Re, Mi, ..)

which by the way, the solfege phonemes is a ridiculous tradition to keep sticking with because no one ever sings that ancient latin melody-song anymore so the usefulness as a mnemonic is completely lost on today's players... and the original intent of solfege was as a mnemonic between melody and scale degree!

- The newer ABC notation, Tbon notation, and others, also use A,B,C from the umbrella system

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