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Originally Posted by Geoff Waddington View Post
in jazz it's more a guideline -- it's more based on practicality -- the baritone male ain't doin' the gig tonight, there's a chick soprano comin' in. This means all the voicings you used last night are out the window, the melody is going to be an octave or more higher tonight -- adjust accordingly

this is all the more reason to use a numeric-based system (probably with index starting at zero) for root notes, therefore, transcribing is much easier by shifting numbers (which is exactly why Nashville system is preferred by some players), in comparison to mentally transposing a series of chords like "Ebm7"

in fact, gigging jazz players today are known to use ios apps much of the time for their charts, in order to transpose to an arbitrary "surprise" vocalist's desired key, rather than doing it in their head. they rely on an app! because it is not easy to transpose current standard music notation, or at least, it's the lazy/easiest way to do it. is offline   Reply With Quote