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the base-12 system with digits is the same for all keys because it is relative to the given tonic. probably you mean for all scales.

By the way I was mistaken in a previous assumption about Tbon. It has a relative mode, but defaults to fixed note-name mode. So in relative-pitch mode, instead of a,b,c, it will use 1,2,3..
So if you are saying to throw out absolute pitch, other than for specifying the root pitch, doesn't that make it more difficult to talk about chords? I mean:

0 = C4

Chromatic notes:  0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 T Y 0 

 Diatonic notes:  0   2   4 5   7   T   Y 0
So now we have the same relative sequence across all keys. But when we talk about chords, are we also talking base-12 relative pitch with a root designation, as in:

0 = C4

C triad:  0 4 7

0 = D4

D triad:  0 4 7

How do we talk about the absolute root pitch of chords in relation to one another? Are we still using sharp/flat when talking about absolute pitch roots?
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