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Originally Posted by Goldreap View Post
I'm all for keeping chord symbols as short as possible (to save space) but there's a limit to how far you can beneficially go with that. There's a heirachy in the way we spell out chord symbols , like folders\sub folders\ files, which can cover a lot of possibilities in an organized way.
E.G. Gm7 is Folder\subfolder\file.
So we have Gm7, Gm9, Gm11. Why call them x,y,z ?

Why unfairly bias everything towards being either major or minor in the notation?
That is a historic relic of the church because of the latin mass.

You aren't playing the fifth degree of the chord in jazz- for example. So why call it Gm7 ? It's not Gm7, it's almost never Gm7. "Oh, everyone knows to make that modification when they see this symbol." It would be better to use a symbol which is actually signifying closer what is to be played.

That really isn't too much of a complex idea- better describing, via writing, what is, in general, to be played.

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