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Yet standard staff notation does not adequately describe voicing (neck position) which only tablature does well, so, those musicians are wrong, staff has missing and necessary information in comparison to tablature.
Actually, there should be a position indicated in well written standard notation.

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11 is > 5 for sure. It means that the note behind that 11 is and should be higher than the note behind 5 in the chord structure. Not the same notes (maybe the same note name) but definitely not the same tones. Notes from different "octaves" sharing the same note-names are not the same tones.
No, it's written as an 11 because chords are typically built upon stacked diatonic third intervals, e.g., root, third, fifth, seventh, ninth (second), eleventh (fourth), thirteenth (sixth). This gives us all seven notes of a key.

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This thread fundamentally is a technology discussion. Artists are not going to "get it".
I get it, but I haven't found a better way of working than the current systems we use when discussing western musics. Indian classical music, as one example, is completely different. But for western music, the current system works well, it just takes a bit of time to learn.
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