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Which brings up the additional point of tones and semitones. Although it has been glossed over in previous replies. A fundamental problem with the current music system is that it relies on a base unit of a semitone. Which is ridiculous.
I am glad someone else also sees the ridiculousness of this "semi-tone" nonsense! There are 12 very well defined tones in 12-TET! And also 12 (and even larger) very well visible intervals...
I understand that a "semi-tone" is used usually in an interval (relational) contest between at least two notes and it is called a "half-step" but then a step then is a "skip-note" or "whole-tone" in a chromatic context.
This is an obvious mess in that standard music language and I do not like speaking it.
Sometimes the black (smaller narrower) keys on the piano are called accidentals. This is retarded, honestly.
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