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Originally Posted by Aeolian View Post
There was an article in Guitar World back in the early 90s, where Nigel Tufnall from spinal tap, completely overhauled the entire notation system with his own, newly improved version.

That says it all really


GW: What happens in the case of a chord like G13?
TUFNEL: Okay. This is my other theory:
If you're playing that type of music, you shouldn't be doing it.
GW: Shouldn't be doing the Nigel Tufnel Theory of Music?
TUFNEL: No you shouldn't be playing
music! Because what good are people who do that jazzy sort of stuff? It's all too low-volume. Have you noticed that? What are they trying to hide? What have they got to be embarrassed about? If you're a good player, you play loud so people can hear it-that's why we plug these things in. If you play an electric guitar I don't care if it's a Gibson 175 or a Charlie Christian turn the fuckin' thing up!
It's time to take a stand against the synthesizer.
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