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Originally Posted by coolbass View Post
This thread is nonsense. The system that has evolved is much better than any proposed new system.
They are all overly complicated.
Well, keep using your dial phone then...

Originally Posted by coolbass
Also the chord Ebmajb5#11/B is nonsense. #11 and b5 describe the same note.
11 is > 5 for sure. It means that the note behind that 11 is and should be higher than the note behind 5 in the chord structure. Not the same notes (maybe the same note name) but definitely not the same tones. Notes from different "octaves" sharing the same note-names are not the same tones.

The post from coolbass shows again the disadvantages of the standard "notation language" and understanding the meaning of the original intention of the composer.
Note, note-name and tone are three different things.

Note G# is different than its note-name (not present in the standard notation), is different than its tone (in which "octave" range is it???)
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