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Originally Posted by Goldreap View Post
Notation, even with say hundreds of dynamics and expression indications is still interpreted by the human playing it.
Are chord symbols nomenclature or notation? Should a chord symbol indicate strictly a group of notes? In a particular order low to high? In a particular range? That's what the staff is for. Tell me G7 and I'll interpret it according to style, context, voice leading, personal creative choice, etc. G7 to me means thousands of things...that's good isn't it?
Written notation is just... well, written form of audio-tonal structure.
I hope, you will agree that certain inversions of chords sound different in different situations (cadences, pre-modulations, substitutions, alterations).
That is why the original intention of the composer should be clear: "I used this and that here and there."
The point is very, very simple. How many notes do you have in 12-TET system? Erm... 12?
So give each of them unique names (simple syllables), unique note-heads (letters or glyphs) and that is it. it is called "alphabet".

Then write words, sentences, grammar, poems, novels, database, codes, forums... whatever you like. Music alphabet - that is what I am striving to achieve. The simplest things are truly the most difficult to comprehend...

Then you can add numbers to designate distance relations (intervals), inversions of those... What could be more simple than that?!
If I want to use a 5 note chord (even if it is 4 "octave" repetitions of a root note), I should be able to write it in a chord form, without a staff. The Plain Notation Systems allows you to do it.

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Speaking of G7...
I've got a question. Why is it called a Dominant Chord?
hint: what is it dominating?
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