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Hey all, every now and then I stumble upon this and I really wanna pull the trigger on the WRB app because I love everything that improves my workflow, but I keep having the same question in the back of my head: how heavy is this on the phone's/tablet's cpu? I sometimes use my old Asus tablet as an external monitor via SpaceDesk and the tablet gets pretty darn hot. Obviously, the screen is what consumes the most power and it's using wifi and all that, but I wonder how cpu-hungry this WRB becomes altogether. I definitely wanna re-purpose an old device, like this very tablet, or an old iPhone 6 or something.

I barely use my toolbar, it is mainly there to visually let me know if I have things like the metronome, pre-roll on record, pre-roll on play, auto-scroll, snap editing, or things like that enabled. I have shortcuts for so many things, and this was expanded even further with the Radial menu, but certain things can easier be accessed AND monitored if I had color-coded buttons next to my keyboard. But if that means the screen will be getting hot then I might as well buy a small, wired touchscreen (they go for extremely cheap) and move the toolbar to that screen only. But WRB would be first choice =)
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