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Default 2 Reaper problems (probably operator error)

Hi all,

There are 2 different problems I'm having, re: Reaper.
They're happening on 2 different computers.

Issue #!:

I believe I may have reduced the buffer size (or something like that) to allow me to hear less latency, as I record.
Well, maybe I didn't "undo" that properly because now, when I hit "play", it will play for a moment, then it sputters and freezes up.

What's going on??
I put the buffer back to 512, but it still crashes the same way.
(There are only 6 MIDI tracks. 2 effect sends and an, it's shouldn't b a CPU strain)

Issue #2:

I have Reaper on another machine...and when I hit "play" doesn't do anything.
It's a blank MIDI track, and the cursor doesn't even move.

Suggestions are welcome!
Thanks, in advance, for your advice!


(aka Keith Haydon)
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