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Ok, retracked. I have doubled clean guitar, some doubled dist guitar, clean lead, dist lead, two layers of keyboard pads, keyboard bass and obligatory radio ambience samples. Of course everything grew a bit during retracking and now it's like 40s longer, @ almost 4 minutes. Now - reamping and mixing.

I'm fullfiling my long time plan to simulate a broke 1995 band/project studio, so almost all the plugins are modelling sketchy 1990s rig.

I'm still short of a synth-pad machine, was Ensoniq SQ80 available for a broke band in 1990s? I know Roland Alpha Juno was (I lived with one in the same room long before I had an idea I can make music), but I'll be looking into analog ones last. Also not sure if Sansamp BDDI (and its bootleg copies) existed in the 90s.
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