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Default Recording Vocals without Headphones


In my home recordings I've gotten some overall recordings sounding pretty darn good (imho) in instances where I haven't used headphones to record the vocals.

In some instances I've actually taken the audio doubles in a duplicated track and have gotten some pretty cool delay like effects from having the mic picking up the room noise.

What I've found, is that when the mic picks up the room noise it adds to the overall mix by making it sound fatter, more natural, etc.

Also, I'm much more comfortable just using my ear and playing live.

I read an article that said some engineers use this "trick" on certain recordings because of the reason of giving it almost a natural reverb.

Of course, Microphones, Placement in relation to the Studio Monitors all that stuff is important. Of note I am using:

MXL V63M Condensor Studio Microphone
Recording Space is very small - not sound proof, etc.

*I'm thinking I will get even better sounds if I were to try a Dynamic Mic, stay within the right range of the microphone rather than just singing in the small room and using it as a Vocal / Room Mic.

I understand how it would drive some engineers absolutely bonkers not to have the "clean clean clean" vocal performance, however according to my ears It sounds pretty good so far... Attached are my results so far.!AiMM3Flv1TozgeBc...0e15Q?e=oF9dEC


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