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Originally Posted by AtmanActive View Post
Problem #2:

Time offset scale is too coarse. In last 25 years of my DAW experience, I never ever used time offset of more than +- 40ms. If I encounter a situation where I need more than that, then I move the items in the arrangement and reset the offset to 0. In 90% of usage cases offsets are from -20ms to +20ms for me. Current TI implementation is going +-400ms which makes the slider too coarse and fiddly and almost impossible to set to, for example, -5, or +3 which are more or less most important values ever. Also, the slider head is 1px wide which makes it extremely hard to navigate with mouse. IMHO, it should be as thick as pan slider is, which is, by the way, working perfectly.
So, if I may suggest, make the time offset slider handle fat, same like pan has now, and scale the whole slider to go -40ms to +40ms and it should work perfectly then.
I regularly use track offsets with a -100ms negative delay or sometimes even slightly higher. It really depends on the sample library you are using. So -40 to +40 would be WAY too small of a range for me.
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