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EDIT... yes works good now thought it did not but had to restart reaper to get new ver. of TI active
thank you sir


so reporting ... using goto next or previous as a button in the TI works as expected and scrolls both the TI and the MCP as it should
However, that buglet I mentioned about having to clk twice on the TCP panels to get the MCP to scroll when TI is active is still there
I hope you can believe me but I could make a LICECap if needed
Now in fact it is a really strange bug... say we have 3 tracks... I should simply single clk om any to also see that trk in the MCP
BUT NOT... each single clk on a track shows the first, top most track in the MCP, the second clk does make it scroll to the correct track
... the bug is only there when TI is active
...should be fixed for the next build...

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