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Originally Posted by lb0 View Post
EDIT: Ah sorry - I got confused responding to different people.

Have you any automation recorded? Does changing to Latch Preview mode allow you to move the faders?)
Turns out my problem was having an instance of ReaLearn in the same FX chain as FaderBox which was interfering for some reason. I've moved ReaLearn to the Input FX chain instead (on same track) and now it works.

One remaining issue is the apparent incompatibility with SliderMate 16. When I have the Smart Control running, if I try to insert an instance of slidermate it consistently crashes with this error:

"...ppData\Roaming\REAPER\Scripts\LBX\LBX_SRD_ Smar tKnobs.lua:861: bad argument #1 to 'match' (string expected, got nil)"

For now I'm back to using ReaControlMIDI since it doesn't crash in this circumstance. In any case, huge thank you for your help and this amazing tool!

EDIT: OK this is interesting. Most JSFX seem to crash the same way when they're inserted while SmartKnobs is running. However I did find that "JS: ReaRack2 - Poly Splitter" does not crash it and even has controllable automation parameters... It's possible it could be made to work, I just don't know enough JSFX to truly troubleshoot.

EDIT2: OK, now I'm getting a lot of crashes with SmartKnobs running any time I even try to pull up an FX window with ReaLearn or ReaControlMIDI. I don't know what's responsible for it, but same error message every time.

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