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Originally Posted by inertia View Post
Unfortunately, the FP16 on Reaper in Logic MCU leaves much to be desired.

The FP8 with older firmware works much better when it just had a stock MCU mode and not MCU variants. I cannot see anyway to downgrade the FP16 to this firmware though.

The FP16 still works but there's many things that are incorrectly mapped.

We really need a proper "Studio One mode" driver to fully utilise the Faderport correctly. Harrison Mixbus works amazingly well with the Faderport in Native mode. Ardour has source code available for the Faderport 8 that might be a good starting point for a Reaper conversion.
Hello both, I just executed the procedure and whilst I got some things to work I'd have to agree with Inertia... only time will tell I guess! I still believe the faderport 16 has some of the best layouts out there for a daw controller - we need a brave programmer to sort us out!
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