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Originally Posted by mschnell View Post
While CSI is still in Alpha, it's not "handy" to be set up, but what do you mean by "drive the FP8/16 effectively" ?

I mean it doesn't work properly with the Faderport and still doesn't send anything to display like track names, volume, pan information. I managed to get the volume sliders to work but then it started behaving erratically. The unit isn't recognised in native mode with the CSI (when i tried it) and has to be run in MCU mode which has its own limitations.

I am not slating the project at all but there's no point recommending it to frustrated users who are not satisfied with the MCU protocol. Like you said, it's in alpha.

I am moving my mixes to Harrison Mixbus because it supports the FP16 in native mode and is pretty much fully featured.

Presonus won't make a dedicated Reaper MCU mode like they have Logic, Sonar and Cubase and the Logic mode with the latest firmware is actually worse thatn the 1.10 firmware and standard MCU mode they offered. Presonus claim Reaper are developing a native driver but its the first I have heard about it. Hopefully, they don't mean CSI.
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