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Unfortunately I have a bad news for you.

I'm not on a MAC.

I have used 3 different monitors and I always use NVidia cards (I'm ex IT expert) and I've never use any special settings in NVIDIA s/ware.

On all 3 monitors Reaper is dark brown.

I have 3 computers and 3 monitors and... it's still dark brown.

So that's bad news for you. You may have some problem with your monitor.

Or... your eyes are not working properly. You can test them on special on line tests.

I just have past all tests! :-)

Many people have these problems, mainly men.

Nothing to be ashamed.

Another thing you may consider as well. I'm an expert on colors.

I had panel and pain shop for 14 years and I was matching colors all the time. Than

I was employed for 8 years for... matching colors.

So I have 22 years of matching colors.

I'm not trying to be disrespectful or unkind. I'm telling you what I know and I know well with a huge experiences.

Many people have such problems, at least 1 in 10 so don't be surprise.

Since you are working with colors, better know these things and be prepared for some surprises.

Also, you can find someone almost totally colorblind.

Kind regards...
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